PHIL DANIELSManaging Director
It would be fair to say Phil has seen the highs and lows of the steel stockholding industry at first hand. The fact that Genesis Steel is thriving today is testament to his self belief, work ethic and tenacity.
NIGEL TOPHAMCompany Accountant
Nigel joined the staff around the time of the Kerf Steel management buy-out. He has formally had the role of F.D. at several large companies, prior to adding his experience to the Genesis Steel team.
NICOLE CROFTSales Executive
At the other end of the spectrum there is Nicole. She is the youngster of the team, joining Genesis Steel in January 2019. Even though she is the newest member of the team she has already been actively selling steel plate for over 4 years. Her enthusiasm and willingness to work and learn does her great credit.
ADAM McFARLANEOffice Manager
Although still a young man Adam developed many of his undoubted customer relation and communicative skills in his previous employments. He was formally a business development manager and a bank manager before he joined Genesis Steel. This key skill set is put into practice every day when dealing with customers, hauliers and suppliers alike.
SARAH ALDRENOffice Administrator
Sarah was one of the earliest recruits to the Genesis team, having worked with Phil Daniels previously. Her understanding of all the systems within the organisation is paramount to the smooth running of the business on a day to day basis.
NICK ODDYWorks Manager
Nick has over 14 years experience in the handling of large area steel plate. His skill in driving the U; Tonne capacity fork trucks required to move the plate is un-paralleled within the industry. He also has a deep knowledge and understanding of the products he handles.
MARK FISHERCutting Manager
Before Mark joined Genesis Steel he spent over 25 years in the profiling industry. It is no coincidence that the finish and standard of cut achieved on a daily basis would be at a level that our profiling customers would be happy with.