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Steel Profile Cutting

Genesis Steel offers steel profile cutting of our metal stock (various grades and thicknesses) which can transform your steel into a particular shape depending on your steel requirements.

Profile Cutting Options

There are a number of profile cutting techniques which can be used depending on your steel requirements:

  • Oxy steel profile cutting – This method of profile cutting can be used to shape our steel plates and is a low-cost option for your steel profile cutting requirements.
  • Plasma steel profile cutting – This method can be used for cutting stainless steel profiles and uses less heat and creates less distortion.
  • Laser steel profile cutting – Laser cutting is cost efficient with minimal distortion and can be used to cut thinner metals of up to around 25mm in thickness.

We also offer a straight line cutting service to get your steel plates cut to an exact size depending on your requirements.

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Types Of Profile Cutting Available

Geneses Steel offers a range of profile cutting and straight line cutting services depending on your requirements.

For any enquiries regarding our profile cutting services, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

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